Positive Attitude Aviation is located at Davis Airport in Laytonsville Maryland. Our mission is to provide the highest quality flight training experience in a safe yet fun atmosphere.  Our instructors are thorough and conscientious and we train our student pilots to be the same way.  Although safety is our number one goal, we believe that students should enjoy themselves while they learn how to fly.  Because of the global pilot shortage, there’s no better time than now to to become a pilot. If you would rather just fly as a hobby, we are happy to help you accomplish that goal.  Secure your future pilot license with Positive Attitude Aviation.

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Why choose Positive Attitude Aviation?

We value our community atmosphere while maintaining attentive focus on the individual needs of each unique student.  We have a great fleet of Cessna 172’s which are the perfect plane to learn how to fly in.  We also take great pride in maintaining our aircraft to the highest standard.  We are your "Turn-Key" flight school and we will tailor services to meet your needs.  We are client and employee focused with a strong culture built around safety. Join the family at Positive Attitude Aviation today. 


WHat to expect

  • Best flight instructors in our region 

  • Meticulously maintained aircraft 

  • Beautiful/scenic/convenient airport 

  • Customized experience 

  • Career consulting/placement (upon request) 



  • Care/support for students and instructors 

  • Best in class fleet maintenance 

  • Positive community atmosphere 

  • Safe and responsible flight standards